Volker Hartung

Principal Conductor & Artistic Director of Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra


Volker Hartung, German Conductor
沃克尔·哈尔通 德国指挥家
Volker Hartung has been Principal Conductor of the Cologne New Philharmonic since 1986 and has appeared with the Orchestra at numerous International Music Festivals and concert tours throughout the world. Numerous international orchestras as for example the MDR Radio Orchestra Leipzig, the St. Petersburg Academic Symphony Orchestra, the Bulgarian Philharmonic Orchestra in Sofia, the Philharmonic Orchestra Szczecin, Poland, the Camerata Hamburg, the Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma and the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, have welcomed Hartung as guest conductor.

许多的蜚声中外的乐团如莱比锡广播交响乐团,圣彼得堡爱乐乐团,保加利亚爱乐乐团、波兰 Szczecin爱乐乐团、汉堡室内乐团、罗马广播交响乐团和上海爱乐乐团都盛情邀请沃克尔作为其客座指挥。
His several decades of experience as an independent orchestra manager have taught him how to form orchestras and make them financially and artistically viable in the face of various obstacles. He is able to perform a very wide ranging, extremely rich repertoire that is unspecialized and often combining different genres, like film and light music with the classical repertory. His lectures on music history and performance technique are internationally renowned as his concerts in numerous radio and television programs - which last but not least are aired by German Radio & TV as SWR, MDR, WDR, and not to forget his presence on YouTube.
He is flexible enough to switch smoothly to other genres, like film and light music.
在指挥上,他有足够的弹性和经验使其游刃有余地在不同的音乐流派之间作切换,如电影音乐和轻音乐。 Volker Hartung assumed the position of chief conductor of the Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra in 1986.
Since 2006 due to his international obligations as a guest conductor Volker Hartung withdrew from the operational management of the Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra. From 2006 to 2011 Hartung worked as Head of Orchestra Studies at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore.
Besides proceeding as Artistic Director of Cologne New Philharmonic and worldwide conducting and performance activities Hartung in 2015 accepted the post of Principal Conductor and Music Director of the Golden Bay Orchestra Zhuhai Philharmonic in China.