Private Coaching & Music Lessons

Private Coaching & Music Lessons

Private Coaching in Violin and Viola for all ages:

After pedagogical experiences worldwide and numerous experiences as a professor and music director in prestigious institutions, Volker Hartung is finally back in Germany and happy to share his vast knowledge with young hopefuls and music students of all ages.
In order to educate and build up the public for the future, he is is delighted to share his knowledge with his students and initiate them to violin and viola training in a modern and attractive way, yet loyal to the tradition that he inherited from his masters.

Private lessons for violin and viola are suited for beginners from 4 years to adults, including ear training and music for all students who do not yet have theoretical knowledge of music.
Volker Hartung also trains and prepares advanced students for the entrance examinations and auditions for conservatories and professional orchestras.
One-to-One lessons in Bonn Region, Germany.
International coaching is available via Zoom lessons.

The most talented students will be included in professional symphonic projects with the CNPO, giving them a unique opportunity to experience the professional music world, learn classic works by great composers, and have first orchestral experiences.

Music director NAFA Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore
Music Academy in Vienna, Austria
Artistic Director of British Choral Foundation, Zhuhai, China
Music Professor at Waldorf School in Shenzhen, China,
Professor of Music Department in USC University in Zhuhai, China
Jury member for Hongkong Violin Competition

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Jury Member of Hongkong International Violin Competition

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Artistic Director of British Schools Foundation Choral Program in Zhuhai, China

Professor at UIC University in Zhuhai, China

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Head of Music of Strings & Orchestra Studies at NAFA Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore
Congratulations by Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.